Waterfront Houses and Residential High-rise Apartments
Surfers Paradise, Australia


Max Christmas Pty Ltd is a specialist property consultant and international adviser in leisure, business and property. Operating out of the Gold Coast, Australia, the company deals with all types of commercial and leisure property including:

  • Retail, showroom, commercial and industrial real estate
  • Land acquisitions
  • Hotels, Golf Courses, and Gated Communities
  • Restaurants, Nightclubs
  • Marinas and Water-based Leisure

In particular, we offer the following services:-

  • property market change: future insight and expectations of the market bottom.
  • market opportunity: knowledge of future opportunities – the key to success is timing!
  • sourcing suitable properties: on behalf of public companies and high profile individuals and private companies.
  • development consultancy: advising clients on the appropriate form, content and implementation of proposed leisure and mixed-use developments.
  • viability appraisal: examining and advising upon the financial viability of leisure and mixed-use property development proposals.
  • development planning: advising on the likelihood of achieving planning consent for a given use or development.